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The Eternal Promise of Bracelets For Couples

What are the Meanings and Styles

A timeless symbol of love Choose an Engagement Ring Examining its Meaning as well as styles and materials.

The history of engagement rings is long and rich. They symbolize vow to be married and the commitment. What is the reason for is a ring? The circular shape of the ring and its lack of a clear start or finish, is universally associated with the eternal love and devotion. Ring fingers were believed to be in direct contact with the heart. It was worn to the left. The Middle Ages, women were typically presented with rings from their partners as a commitment to marriage and it was considered inappropriate to wear such rings for solely decorative motives.

What's the purpose for giving an engagement wedding ring? The engagement ring is a sign of a wedding to come and, in a traditional sense, it's presented by the man to the partner.

The significance behind an engagement Ring

With the engagement ring a date is set on which the vows are made wedding promises. It is important to choose one that best represents her personal style and preferences. For example, a bride who would like to enjoy her wedding in a simple manner, will certainly not appreciate an ring that is too extravagant, and may prefer you can find a more refined and sophisticated object. Etiquette requires that the ring be handed out one year prior to wedding date, even though there is no definitive norm on this.

Types of Engagement Rings The materials and styles

In 1938, the De Beers Family as the top diamond industry began a major advertising campaign. The campaign was promoted by Hollywood performers and singers. In 1948 copywriter Frances Gerety coined the iconic slogan "A diamond will never die," further solidifying this tradition globally.

Make sure you are in love with your partner with the Eternal Ring made of 9k rose-gold and a shining diamond. The curved exterior of the ring symbolizes unending, eternal love. Rose gold is increasingly and more often associated with romance. This symbolism isn't just for young women. The rose gold color is more refined and unique than white or yellow gold. It brings a touch of elegance and romance to jewelry. Not everyone prefers diamonds. However, some people are also drawn to the stunning colours and facets of natural stones such as quartz, amethyst and the prasiolite. Amethyst's stunning purple color represents the purity of soul. Quartz symbolizes life and energy. Prasiolite is a mysterious green stone that possesses a magical and attraction. These stones are more suitable for a gem that is of this significance because they have a special meaning. You can also opt for the 9-carat gold solitaire, with a square-shaped stone that is cushion-cut, and "mosaic faceting" for those who is a fan of the natural beauty of stones.

Traditionnellement, where can we put on an engagement ring?

It is essential to know which place to put your engagement ring to maximize its significant value. Etiquette in this regard, follows a very specific old tradition that ties the ring's position to that of the band wedding ring. According to tradition the engagement ring should be worn until the wedding day in the same place that the wedding ring (ring finger of the left hand) and then should be moved to the ring finger on the right hand immediately before the ceremony. The engagement ring should always be worn on the finger that is on the left or right hand, no matter if it's the right hand or left. In ancient times it was believed that the finger of this hand was linked to the heart through the "Vena Amoris" also known as the "Vein of Love". After the wedding, it's normal to wear the rings on the same left hand.

If you've got all the information about what is the true meaning behind an engagement ring, all that remains is to choose the perfect piece of jewelry for your lover from the Bronzallure shop. It will immortalize your strong love. The Eternelle collection consists of semi-precious stones that carry a strong symbolic value. This includes amethysts topazes, quartzes and prasiolites. You can be assured that your choice is impeccable because of its distinctive and distinctive design. This ring will last long and leave a lasting impression.


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