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A guided Tour of Geneva

 We have out together an interesting, entertaining and informative tour of GenevA!!!    Our Guides ride In your car...  They tell you your turns!!  

     You will not miss a thing that makes Geneva Great. Did you know there was an Observatory here that discovered 23 Comets!!! 

                         We charge by the car not the caroad. 

                                   $125.00 for a 1.5 to 2 hours

What you will see on your trip

We are certain that you will have a wonderfull time. We have special stories about all of the special highlights this city has to offer. What about Hobart William Smith. You get up front with Geneva On the Lake and Belhurst Castle.  Then we go to White Springs Manor. Yes we had slaves in upstate New York!!!

     You see a cobblestone restaurant and get a chance to visit the pilot Plant in the NYS Experiment Station. See and Octagon House and see an observatory that is responsible for finding 23 Commets.  Special surprises!!!!!


315 759 9269



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