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Noir Slouch Hat

In one scene in Genesis Noir, I'm sticking my virtual hands into the prehistoric ocean to create the first life forms out of parts that look like a child's building blocks. It's basically creationist Lego. I need to build molecules in a way that allows them to reach other molecules out there in the soup and mate with them, and tadah! - I've just spurred on abiogenesis, the origin of life. Before playing Genesis Noir, I'd neither heard of abiogenesis nor would I have understood it as anything other than an abstract construct. Elsewhere, my character, a slouch hat-wearing watch peddler in a trench coat, is cheering on Golden Boy, a cosmic entity giving a saxophone performance.

Noir Slouch Hat

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This slouchy, comfy hat is the perfect project for that one skein of sock yarn that is way too special to put on your feet. Fair warning: there is miles of stockinette stitch, so this makes for great TV, travel or zen knitting.

Hi Persialou. I made your slouchy cat ear last night. My friends went crazy over it, and want to pay me to make a few. Do you mind if I sell a few hats from your free pattern? Love my hat! Thanks for your time!Gabi

Looking for that perfect gift idea? Our new slouchy pom beanies have a hidden word sewn into a tag on the INSIDE of the beanie! Why you ask on the inside? Well, Pretty Simple believes that what's inside matters!

Days have different vibes and so does this hat! You can wear it up or down, it's up to you and how gnarly you want to get. This beanie has a slouch type fit when folded down and a classic cuffed fit when folded up ?

Keep your head cosy in style this Winter Season with this classic knitted hat from Daniel Footwear. This must have slouchy style is crafted from premium acrylic and features statement faux fur pom pom. Signature Daniel branding is seen on a label to the inside of the hat.

If you've been searching for the perfect everyday beanie, then you need the Black Slouch Rib Hem Beanie. This black, slouch beanie covers all your basic style needs.The rib hem allows for a snug but slouchy fit.

o there were these two dames in a car. One of them, well, she looks like the Queen and has got a leather trenchcoat and a slouch hat over one eye and is driving this car with a big steering wheel, like it was an old Studebaker from The Big Sleep or something.

Zsigmond, who worked on modern films noirs including The Long Goodbye, The Two Jakes and The Black Dahlia, said: "For me, the most interesting movies are those that use a noir technique - a lot of hard light and shadows. Nearly all my movies are more about shadows than light - even the comedies."

Bottega\u2019s got a brand new bag: meet Clicker. Available in Fondant, Porridge, and Avocado, the Intecciato shoulder bag is a distinctly Matthieu Blazy joint, from the hushed tones to the hourglass-curved buckles at the base of each strap. It has a slouchy lip that echoes the Maier-era hobo I shared in Broadsheet last Friday\u2014looks like a win for relaxed silhouettes this season.

The photos for each listing in Maryam Nassir Zadeh\u2019s End-of-Season sale are bathed in a cold, angular sunlight that bestows a seasonal chill upon even its drapey, sheer halter tops and meant-to-be-seen lacy chartreuse underwear. Though many such pieces are curated from a variety of brands that all share the MNZ modus operandi of inducing a subtle, sensual saudade, the best picks of the sale are from Zadeh\u2019s own brand. A leathery rosette adorns the over-half-off cool-weather answer to the airy Olympia wedge that was frequent summer fodder for Magasin, discounted sweaters in a saturated \u201Ctrue blue\u201D hue come in slouchy v-necks and shrunken collared cardigans, and sub-$50 scrunchies in sheeny nylon blossom crumple like flowers left over from last spring. 041b061a72


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