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A day of Fascinating History

     Your day will start with breakfast at our favorite spot; the "Water Street Cafe". 

     After breakfast we take a journey back into time at the "Geneva Historical Society".  You will hear how Geneva New York  played a vital role in the development of the Finger Lakes Region.

Birth Place of Women's Rights

     We're off to another  village that is full of history, Seneca Falls.   It is the story of the struggles for civil rights, human rights and equality; global struggles that continue today. 

      Then we will drive to a National Historic Landmark "Rose Hill Mansion" where you will get a taste of 19th century life.  There is a fantastic veiw of Seneca Lake from the front porch and the vista of nearby farmlands.

     Our next stop is lunch at Canal Side Experiences. 


    This church is the most photographed Church in the Finger Lakes.

      After Lunch we take off for Waterloo , which is the Birthplace of "Memorial Day" Wait till you see the displays in the Memorial Day National Museum. 

     We  continue our journey back in time at the "Terwilliger Museum" .  This museum has a vast collection of local history artifacts.

     The Seneca Waterways Museum is our last stop. This Historical overview illustration of how the Seneca River and the Seneca/Cayuga Canal powered the rise of industry and fostered cultural development.

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