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Natures Best

     We are going to start the day with a very up-close adventure on the water.   We give you the choice. Do you want to go by motor boat or Kayak.  Your guide has a great amount of experience with the local waters and knows where the wildlife live.  We travel up a major tributary where the beaver population has a strong presence.  

     You'll travel up this backwater to a Mennonite farm.    You will see Great Blue Heron ,Canada Geese, Turtles and more.      


     When we get back we head south down Seneca Lake to our next destination

      Watkins Glen is host to several nationally known car races but it is nature's beauty that really scores here. "Very Beautiful".  We will drop you off at the top of the famous "Gorge Trail"   where  you will hike down the glen.  You will descend about 375 feet traveling over 800 stone steps and bridges. You will see over 15 water falls and as an added treat we will have a box lunch waiting for you at the bottom.

      Yes, there is more!  The Finger Lakes Museum and Aquarium in Branchport is your next stop.  This Museum tells a great story about the 11 Glacial Lakes in our 14 Counties.    The Finger Lakes Museum and Aquarium stirs the imagination, educates the mind and inspires visitors of all ages.


      We like to stop at one of our favorite wineries on the way back.

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