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Where To Buy Nectar Sunglasses

To expand their market and streamline their brand, Nectar plans to cut down on non-sunglasses products and start selling prescription lenses in the fall, bringing the company back to its roots in good-looking, high quality, and affordable shades.

where to buy nectar sunglasses

Cult x Nectar sunglasses with 100% uv protection, lightweight frame specifically designed to take a beating, impact resistant polycarbonate lenses, impact resistant frames, scratch resistant film over lenses and branded box & microfiber pouch.

Industry-leading manufacturers Oakley are redefining the optics industry with their high-contrast Prizm technology. Oakley have researched the optimum level of contrast for a variety of activities and sports and applied it to their optics line to aid both your long-term eye comfort and your short-term performance. Combined with practical safety features such as high mass and high energy impact protection, no longer do your sunglasses have to be a simple after-thought.

Whether you demand the same performance from your sunglasses that you do from your equipment or you are looking for a stylish pair of sunglasses to keep you looking cool on the hot beach, at Cotswold Outdoor we have the selection for you. 041b061a72


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