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Government Employee Car Buying Discount [2021]

Current federal employees of the U.S government, active-duty members, retired employees and veterans are eligible to receive discounted rates when reserving cars from Enterprise for leisure and/or government official travels.

government employee car buying discount

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For Government Leisure Travel, Enterprise offers a 5% discount off base rates. For Official Government Travel, we offer specific contracted rates to make renting easier for active-duty military and government personnel.

A 25% discount on undergraduate tuition at any state operated institution of higher learning in Tennessee is available to children 23 years of age or under of full time state employees. In addition, full-time state employees with six months of continuous service are eligible to have tuition fees waived for one course per semester at a state institution.

As an eligible GM Dealership employee, you can receive the same special savings our GM employees receive on eligible, new vehicles. Plus, you can maximize your savings by combining your discount with most current offers.

Eligible employees and their sponsored spouses of GM Supplier companies can get great savings on eligible, new Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles with the GM Supplier Discount. Combine this discount with most current incentives for even bigger savings.

The state of South Carolina is pleased to offer the PerksCard Discount Program to all state employees. This discount program enables state employees to save on many everyday purchases and services from local and national vendors.

Federal employee car insurance discounts lower car insurance rates for federal government workers. Some car insurance companies offer up to an 8% discount for federal employees to recognize their work and the rigorous background check they had to pass for their job.

It may be true that many federal government workers have excellent health insurance, retirement plans, and more, but you should not overlook the important financial benefit of a federal employee discount on car insurance.

What you will find, however, is that auto insurance for federal employees comes with discounts, especially for those who serve in the military, so make sure you choose an insurance company that provides you with a discount.

While you may be appreciative of the financial savings that a federal employee discount could provide to you on an ongoing basis, you also may be curious why federal workers qualify for a discount on car insurance through some companies.

Because government employees have passed through a more rigorous background check than many other insured drivers have, car insurance companies may recognize this through a federal employee car insurance discount.

Whether you are a new federal employee or you have been working for the government for years, you should consider shopping around to compare car insurance rates available for federal workers like you.

Not every federal worker will qualify for a special federal employee discount or the competitive rates through select providers. Most federal employee car insurance discounts and special pricing offers are designed specifically for full-time, salaried or hourly workers.

The qualifications for a federal employee car insurance discount as well as the rates available through different providers varies substantially. You may be inclined to start requesting rate quotes online today to identify the most affordable policy option available.

While your status as a federal employee may qualify you for a car insurance discount or special rates, keep in mind that many providers offer a dozen or more unique car insurance discounts that can also help you to save money on your auto coverage.

Car insurance for federal employees will be the same as car insurance for any other occupation. However, there are many car insurance discounts available to federal employees, such as low mileage and no claims bonus.

It is important to note that despite the fact that you may get some discounts for being a federal employee, there are no special deals in terms of what you are going to need for car insurance requirements.

As a federal employee, you may qualify for federal employee discounts from many major car insurance companies. In addition, just like anyone else, there are other discounts that you can take advantage of.

When someone first becomes a Geico policyholder, it is important that they inform their new insurance agent if they are a federal employee. Otherwise, they could miss out on a great car insurance discount opportunity.

As an Orlando business, we want to acknowledge the hundreds of thousands of public safety, health care, social service, and all other Florida state government employees committed to improving our community.

With an expansive lineup of industry-leading luxury vehicles in store and a dedicated staff of certified service technicians on hand, there's no better way for us to express our thanks than to offer our services with special pricing to all part-time and full-time Florida state government employees.

As a Florida state government employee, your perfect vehicle, whether that be the award-winning Genesis G70 sedan or an esteemed pick from our curated pre-owned vehicle inventory, awaits in our showroom with special pricing as if you worked here at Universal Genesis.

Next time you need an oil change, battery replacement, wheel alignment, or specialized repair, schedule a service appointment at our Genesis service center in Orlando. Upon your arrival, show your Florida state government employee ID to your attending service advisor, and we will automatically apply your savings to your service quote.

Are you a vendor wishing to offer a discount to state of Indiana employees? We welcome discount offers from businesses all over the state of Indiana! The discount program is for vendors identified as an Indiana business under former Gov. Mitch Daniels' Buy Indiana initiative. Find out more.

The Dealhack Government Discount Guide is a list of stores and brands that offer discounts for employees in federal, state, and local government agencies. Every three months, we update and verify this savings guide to keep government workers updated on the latest discounts available to them.

E-Z UP: E-Z UP is offering a 30% discount on Instant Shelter products and other accessories to government employees. Complete online registration by including your current employment information (source).

Fascinating Diamonds: U.S. government employees can get 5% off all jewelry purchases at Fascinating Diamonds. Use the promo code GOVT at checkout and provide a valid ID for verification (source).

Amtrak: Federal government employees on business travel can get discounted, refundable fares from Amtrak. Available only for bookings from travel agencies that are authorized by government employers (source).

Delta Airlines: Government employees on work travel can get reduced prices on select Delta Airlines flights. Call the Delta Reservations desk at 800-221-1212 and ask for their federal government discount policy (source).

United Airlines: United Airlines offers special fare discounts for federal government employees traveling on official business. Only U.S. government-issued Visa and MasterCard are accepted as payment. Not available for government contractors (source).

Ameraguard Truck Accessories: Ameraguard Truck Accessories offers discounts on vehicle parts to government workers. Sign up for an account and provide valid proof of employment (source).

Alamo: U.S. government employees who book at Alamo Rent A Car are eligible for Frequent Traveler benefits from select partners. Driver fees are waived for official travel and discounted rates are available for leisure travel (source).

Dollar: Dollar Rent a Car offers discounted rates, free upgrades, unlimited mileage, and more benefits to federal government employees. Available for leisure travel or official business travel (source).

Enterprise: Federal government employees traveling on official business are eligible for reduced rates, free upgrades, and waived fees from Enterprise Car Rental. Book using the account number FGORDRS and provide valid proof of employment (source).

Hertz: Government employees traveling on official business are eligible for a special rate at Hertz Car Rental. Free membership to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, rental discounts, and free upgrades are available for leisure travel (source).

Sixt: Sixt Rent A Car is offering a rental fee of $5 per day to government employees who can present their valid ID. No additional charges, free unlimited mileage, liability insurance, and damage waivers are included (source).

Thrifty: Federal government employees are eligible for a free one-car-class upgrade plus other benefits from Thrifty Car Rental. For more information, email [email protected] (source).

AT&T: Government employees can get discounts on AT&T Wireless plans by applying to the AT&T Signature Program. Register using your work email address or visit your nearest AT&T store and bring a valid ID (source).

Verizon Wireless: Verizon Wireless offers discounts to government employees working in public agencies who are partnered with Verizon. A valid work email address and recent pay stubs are required to verify eligibility (source).

Apple: The Apple Store offers discounts to local, state, and federal government employees including their immediate family members. Discounts are available for products that are purchased for personal use only. Call 877-418-2573 (source).

LASIK: Federal government workers with valid ID can save up to $1200 on a Custom LASIK laser surgery procedure. Provincial government workers are eligible for a corporate discount on select laser procedures (source).

Aqua Aston Hotels & Resorts: Aqua Aston Hotels & Resorts is offering discounted rates to federal, state, and local government employees. Book using the promo code GOV and provide valid ID upon check-in (source). 041b061a72


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