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Crusader Kings II 3.2.1: A Guide to the New Content and Features

Also new to the 3.2.1 release is the system of rebellions. This is basically a slightly-improved timeline and its narration system for events and characters that happen in between the major events of Crusader Kings 2. While the main timeline is identical to the 2.x version and still features the same desyncs for major events, the rebellions now bear the brunt of the plot. When characters rebel against the wishes of their new liege, theyre presented with the option to choose between giving into the new liege or supporting the claimant to the throne of the old liege. Theres a number of different outcomes they can achieve in either case, but the thing that really changes is that while the player no longer has the option to play a character for reasons of personal loyalty, they no longer have the option of playing a character for reasons of personal betrayal. Now, the whole world learns what happened and the choice has more weight than your personal feelings on the matter. This feels like another small change in the direction of the game establishing a more universal feel to the world instead of the personal one established in the 2.x edition. It also adds some layer of complexity to the decision to rebel when in the hands of the player; to take the option, you have to be willing to cover up or outright lie about your reasoning and the politics of what youve done.

Crusader Kings II 3.2.1


Though the new tech system is one of the big things that has players comparing the game to Europa Universalis, this and the other new features that allows a more stylized outlook on Crusader Kings are there to create a different kind of game rather than an imitation.


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