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ECE 2524: Final Project

Class Format: Lecture and Project. Review lectures andtopics of current interest in research areas of image processing, will bepresented by the professor and guest lecturers. The students will alsoparticipate by presenting journal papers as well as their own term projects.

ECE 2524: Final Project

You may choose any project relating to image enhancement or restoration. Youare to perform graduate level research in your area of choice and to build onprevious work for your project. Projects will be individual in small classes orgroups in large classes.

A paper will be written describing the project and discussing what waslearned during the project. The final paper will be about 25 to 50 pages, typed, double-spaced(excluding appendices). Include images in the paper! You are to work ingroups of two. During the term you are required to submit three evaluations ofthe work performed by each member in your group, including yourself. Theseevaluations are as follows:

  • Problem Solving with Computers in C: YAZ205: FALL 20

  • COE201: FALL 20, FALL 21

  • DGD107: FALL 20

  • SWE105: FALL 22

  • Programming Theory and Practice 2 (C++): YAZ206: SPRING 21

  • Computer Architecture: YAZ010: FALL 21

  • ENS306: SPRING 21, SPRING 22

  • UNIX Programming SWE104: SPRING 22

  • Introduction to Software Engineering YAZ113: FALL 22

  • Systems Programming COMP205: FALL 22

  • Graduation Project: YAZ491, YAZ492: Every semester (2020 - )

  • Introduction to UNIX for Engineers: ECE 2524: SPRING 18

  • Programming Studio: CS222: SPRING16, SUMMER 16

  • Computer Programming (Java) CS101: SPRING 16

  • Object Oriented Programming (Java) CS102: SPRING 16



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