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Margalef Ecologia Libro Pdf 26

Se describen las especies segn los Libros Rojos de Colombia. Las listas de especies actuales se consideran la supresin de la lista de especies en la congresin de VU de la UICN. En esta operacin se seleccionaron un dosen de especies VU en base a una lista de especies VU en la Resolucin 1.592 de 2014 de Colombia.

Margalef Ecologia Libro Pdf 26

Margalef 1978. (1983) was the first to teach ecology in the Spanish language (Margalef 1990). Margalef (1990) provides a comprehensive revision of the processes of natural selection, demographic selection, direct and indirect selection (by compatibility), the importance of random variation and the consequences of interactions among these concepts. Margalef's view of ecology was influenced by ecology in his native Catalonia, Spain (Williamson and Margalef 1975). Already in his doctoral thesis (Margalef 1967), Margalef called for the necessity of an ecological training for future biologists. At that time, no university in Spain offered this course. In 1990, Margalef's ideas were incorporated into the Law of Education for students (Real Decreto 169/1991, ).

Margalef (1989) is a pioneer ecologist in situ. In this sense, he emphasizes the need to make the role of the ecologist more visible than it was until then. Estoyan (1998) explains that Margalef's main contribution is the concept of ex situ ecology. As a teacher, he emphasized education to students, and made a big effort in his country to create the basis for the development of ecological knowledge. He emphasized the need to create a school dedicated to the study and teaching of ecology (1990).


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