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Buy Double Wedding Ring Quilt [VERIFIED]

The double wedding ring quilt pattern is characterized by several interlocking rings that symbolize two people becoming one during a wedding ceremony. The look and feel or style of the quilt can vary significantly depending on the fabric selection.

buy double wedding ring quilt

With the beautiful symbolism and timeless look of these quilts, the DWR pattern has stood the test of time and is still a go-to gift idea for weddings and anniversaries that couples and families will cherish for decades.

This quilt is the quintessential double wedding ring design with its light background, scrappy rings, and colorful palette. Traditionally, double wedding ring quilts were made using old clothing and other random pieces of excess fabric.

This quilt combines perfectly the modern fabrics and color palette with the traditional and timeless design of a DWR quilt. I love the choice to make the background a medium gray, and the rings are exclusively light shades.

Wow! The Bali Wedding Quilt almost leaves me speechless. Not only did the designer use DWR, but they also added complex star points around the rings. It was also genius to use batiks to give this quilt top a bohemian flair.

Imagine the time that it took to create this quilt top. Not only did the designer create a perfect DWR, but they also added a block in the middle of each ring to showcase a sampler design. Breathtaking!

How cool are these rings? They almost look like they are spinning on the quilt top and have their own movement. Using ombre fabric is gaining popularity in quilting, and this is an excellent example of it being used correctly.

All of our Amish quilts are created by a small group of women who reside and work in an old order Amish community. This is an Amish community made up of approximately 40 families. There is a long standing relationship between our family and the Amish families. We have admired the artistry of this group of quilters for years and are pleased to be able to share their handmade quilts with you. The Amish Quilt Photos below are of available handmade patchwork and applique Amish quilts, including double wedding ring, log cabin and wholecloth, in sizes king and queen, all available for sale.

I am ready to start a double wedding ring for my grandson and bride-to -be. Can I get your your five instructions to print out for reference as I sew? I kept learning something new all the time. I am a visual learner and at 75 I need to reread some parts. Thank you for making this quilt approachable.

What began in 1998 as a weekend trip with my mother to help find quilts for a friend is now a custom gift business. We make custom quilts in hard-to-find patterns, exclusive patterns with the artist's permission, and unique patterns I design. We also specialize in modernizing old favorites, such as double wedding ring quilts and making quilts out of printed photos, mementos, clothing and other fabrics. Baby crib quilts have become harder to find so we offer a variety of baby quilts in those smaller sizes that can easily be personalized with a baby's name and birth date.

We know for a fact the first time the pattern published under the name DWR, was 1928 in Kansas. Varying Kansas-based publications (primarily newspapers) published the pattern frequently during the ensuing 10 years. We know other publications picked the pattern up from the mid-west newspapers and the DWR went on to be published in newspapers and magazines up and down east coast and further west. The pattern was printed in enough publications and so frequently anyone who wanted to obtain the directions and make the quilt was certainly able to do so.

Whether a group of North Carolina quilters took one long look at a Pickle Dish, Indian Wedding Ring, or Pine Burr block and just thought all those blocks or triangles were too much work, we may never know. They may have decided just to use solid, non-pieced rings cut on the bias instead of employing all that piecing. However, as a native North Carolinian, I like to think those quilters were inspired by the Scuppernong Hull itself.

I have been posting the progress of my double wedding ring quilt on Instagram and have been asked a lot about what template I use, what pattern I use and etc, so I decided to make a video to just quickly answer that.

Four of the pieces were similar in size and shape using template D of that particular template. Then I add a C shape to all arcs and E for the end of alternating arc. You will only need to make one long arc with the end pieces (I used solid red and white in my wedding ring quilt) as they will share this end piece and form a full melon. You will get the idea if you watch my video below.

The Double Wedding Ring pattern was first published by Capper's Weekly in 1928. This Topeka, Kansas publication added a bit of mythical romance to go with the pattern by writing, "When some good but unknown man conceived the idea of a double wedding ring ceremony it gave his wife an equally good idea. She worked two circles into a double wedding ring quilt." 1

Another delightful myth was published in a 1932 brochure which connected the Double Wedding Ring quilt to the Civil War. The publication offered this story of how the pattern came to be named. It seemed a grandmotherly woman had made a great many quilts. One was particularly special and she was saving it for her niece's wedding. Sadly the wedding had been delayed because the potential groom had been wounded in the war and spent several years away in the hospital. He finally came home and a wedding was planned but he had no rings for the wedding. When the bride to be told her beloved aunt that the rings would have to wait, the older woman said, "My child, I'll furnish the rings. You shall have my favorite quilt and we will call it the Double Wedding Ring." 1

A quilt made much like the Double Wedding Ring is in the Shelburne Museum, dated 1825-50. This quilt is titled Pincushion; see an example to the right.2 But the actual Double Wedding Ring pattern appears to have been rarely used until the 1920s. Part of the difficulty in tracing the earlier use of this pattern is the fact that over time it was made under around 40 different names. Just a few are; Rainbow, Around the World, Pickle Dish, Coiled Rattlesnake, Endless Chain, King Tut and Friendship Knot; see the example above to the left. The great variety of names illustrates how differently the pattern was visualized in various periods and regions. In reading an early diary or letter we might easily find the pattern under another name. We can't be sure it the writer was really referring to a Double Wedding Ring like pattern or not.

It has been suggested that the popularity of this pattern during the depression era was due to the fact that many scraps could be used. This reasoning doesn't make sense though as a good deal of solid fabric had to be purchased for the background of the wedding ring. An exception to this might be the nine-patch variation of the wedding ring; see the example to the right. This pattern included scraps in the centers instead of the outer ring.

The rings of a traditional wedding ring quilt can be very tedious and time-consuming to cut and piece together. Hoopsisters Double Wedding Ring Quilt in the Hoop makes this step a breeze. All you do is sew strips together, easy peasy and embroidery machine appliques the pieced unit in place. Easier still, the rings can also be made from one piece of fabric, which could be a solid, ombre or stripe. I think you could achieve some stunning effects with interesting fabric selection alone and no piecework at all!

The Double Wedding Ring is the most popular pattern in the history of quilting. Here are some inspiring quilts and free patterns! To go to a pattern: Scroll down the page until you see the quilt you like, then click on the words "CLICK for PDF download" (or the hyperlinked website name) in the title above the quilt.Note: Please check out our eBay shop for great bargains on quilt patterns, fabric, and unique vintage jewelry !

This jacket is handmade from a recycled quilt and completely one of a kind. This jacket is made from a thick, double wedding ring quilt. The double wedding ring quilt pattern is a symbol for love and romance, with its interlocking rings symbolizing marriage.

People are all intrigued by double wedding ring quilts. I get comments all the time from viewers about making one. I thought today I would share a few tips that will help you succeed should you try to make one.

First off, all DWR (double wedding ring) quilts are not the same. They vary in the size and shape of the pieces that go around the melon shaped piece. For me, this time around mine are all the same making it a little easier than the last DWR quilt I made. To start, piece the segments together making an arch and sew that arch to one side of the melon as shown. Iron to the center. 041b061a72


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