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The Stranger convalesces inside a nearby mine, but when Piripero tells him that Silvanito has been captured and is being tortured by the Rojos for information on the Stranger's whereabouts, he returns to town to confront them. With a steel chest-plate hidden beneath his poncho, he taunts Ramón to "aim for the heart" as Ramón's shots deflect off until Ramón exhausts his Winchester rifle's ammunition. The Stranger shoots the weapon from Ramón's hand and kills Don Miguel, Rubio, and the other Rojo men standing nearby. He then uses the last bullet in his gun to free Silvanito, who is hanging from a rope by his hands. After challenging Ramón to reload his rifle faster than he can reload his own revolver, the Stranger shoots and kills Ramón. Esteban Rojo aims for the Stranger's back from a nearby building but is shot dead by Silvanito. The Stranger bids Silvanito and Piripero farewell and rides away from town.

the Jesus Shoots italian dubbed free download


What the searchers withall their learning and labour eventually discoveredwas an ethical teacher like Confucius or Buddha preaching a simple religion of the heavenly Father's love and a kingdom of interior righteousness freed from dogmas and what were claimedto be Hellenistic philosophical accretions.Their view of Christ and Christianity, which was dubbed the "liberal" view, is now the "orthodoxy"of the 20th century's occasionally church-going Protestant. In the scholarly world it held the field from aboutthe mid-1860s to the end of the century. The pillars of the liberal position were Albrecht Ritschl (1822-1889)and the famous Berlin court theologian and scholar Adolf von Harnack (1851-1930).


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