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1920x1080 Basketball Court">

The NCAA tournament is about basketball but also so much more: the fans, bands, cheerleaders, etc. The Sweet 16/Elite 8 are taking place in 4 cities around the country and we could not be more excited to be there in person! HoopsHD is covering all of the angles so you can look forward to a cascade of coverage in the days ahead. Jon Teitel culminates our coverage from Las Vegas with some illustrious images from the UConn postgame celebration.

1920x1080 Basketball court">

You are from Palm Beach Gardens, FL: what made you choose FAU? I chose FAU because I wanted to be close to home but still get the full college experience.How long have you been dancing, and what is your favorite part? I have been dancing for 17 years. My favorite part is the feeling I get when the choreography just clicks and you can put your heart/passion into your motions.You are captain of the dance team: what is the key to being a good leader? I think the key to being a good leader is empathy. People will always work harder for someone they know has their back and cares about their well-being. Your favorite kind of food is Cuban: any specific dish you recommend? I love black beans, white rice, and yuca. They are mostly side dishes but they steal the show!You are majoring in business health administration: why did you choose that subject? I chose this so that I could still make an impact while not having to go to as much extra schooling that would be required for someone like a doctor.You graduate in a few months: what is the post-graduation plan? I have no plans thus far. My plan is to see what opportunities come my way and then decide from there. I start an internship prior to graduation so once I finish that I will apply for some jobs in August. Your basketball team only won 19 games last year: how exciting has it been this year to dance for a team that has 35 wins (and counting) and is undefeated at home? This basketball season has been a dream for me, although I love game days for both basketball/football. Cheering on a winning team is always a little easier and more rewarding. I am grateful that I am here to experience the history being made. How did your school decide who gets to go to the NCAA tourney, and what did it mean to you to see your group doing its thing in front of a national TV audience? My coach decides who she wants to go. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be in front of a national crowd. Your team has turned into 1 of the all-time tourney Cinderellas: how incredible has this journey been? It was some of the best college basketball that I have ever seen. Those close games were really special and it is always really cool to see your team put in the work to get there. Any predictions for the Owls next weekend in Houston? Well I always say the Owls will come out on top so GO OWLS!! 041b061a72


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